Dustin Taylor


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In January 2000, Dustin bought his first house and also became a father. After experiencing some frustrating and disappointing job situations, Dustin scheduled a tryout for a Ringman position at a local Auto Auction. He was hired and the very next week he secured another Ringman position at Adesa Birmingham, which also landed him an additional Ringman position the following week. We've all heard the saying "behind every cloud, there's a silver lining." For Dustin, this came true because he was now earning more in two days, serving as Ringman, than he used to earn in a week.

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As is the case with many Ringmen, Dustin initially began working the Ring hoping for an opportunity to sell, as well. However, people soon began to recognize that Dustin had a talent for performing as a Ringman, and after much encouragement from his peers, he decided to compete for the World Champion Ringman title. Although Dustin had been exposed to Auto Auctions for some time as the son of an Auto Wholesaler, he had only been working the Ring for about a year when he first competed. Dustin and his partner finished fifth in that first competition but he knew he could do better. Determined to be recognized as one of the best Ringman in the Auto Auction business, he put aside the idea of working as Auctioneer and devoted his time to improving his skills and style as a Ringman.

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The next year, Dustin was fifth in individual competition, but won the World Champion Team Competition. In 2003, Dustin finished third, but still short of his goal. He then worked harder than ever and his efforts proved successful; he won the coveted title of World Champion Auto Auction Ringman in 2004! Needless to say, many opportunities have been presented to Dustin since becoming World Champion and his income has risen, as well.

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God has blessed Dustin Taylor with a talent that has earned him recognition and respect among his peers. He not only shares a unique and proven history, but exemplifies what a true Professional Ringman can do for both the Auction Industry and his family.

PRI Candidates will benefit tremendously from the talent and skills Dustin will share.


Contact Information

Brian Rigby, CAI, AARE

959 S. Mill St.
Rogersville, Missouri 65742

Office: 417.753.7653
Fax: 417.753.7654

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