Health & Fitness

Don't Take Your Health for Granted!

One of the most important aspects of any Auctioneer or Ringman's business is his or her HEALTH; unfortunately, it's often taken for granted.



As part of PRI's curriculum, candidates learn the importance of their health for the success of every auction. Candidates will learn how to prepare and care for everything from their feet and legs, to their voice and hearing.

Every  Ringman's  contribution and  performance  is  a  reflection of  his or her  health and energy!

PRI Candidates are also taught the following:

"The importance of projection, as well as proper care and correct use of their voices.
"No voice . . . no ringman!"

The importance of both caring for your feet and legs, and preparing the legs and feet for every type of auction.

Valuable tax tips on how to keep more of your hard earned income and saving additionally by realizing often overlooked deductions while serving as a Professional Ringman.

Four-Time World Champion Dustin Taylor discusses the importance of a Ringman's enthusiasm & energy level, which can substantially improve the success of any Auction.


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959 S. Mill St.
Rogersville, Missouri 65742

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PRI San Jose: January 2018 Training!

January 26-28, 2018
DoubleTree by Hilton
Hotel Campbell
Pruneyard Plaza
Campbell, California

PRI Springfield: February 2018 Training!

February 8-10, 2018
Clarion Inn & Suites
Springfield, Missouri

PRI Branson: May 2018 Training!

May 24-26, 2018
The Stone Castle Hotel & Conference Center
Branson, Missouri




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