The Ring

Only the best, most successful Ringmen & Auctioneers are chosen for your Instructors. They are professionals with the experience, skills and instructional effectiveness to make this the most rewarding training opportunity of your auction career.

Submit Your PRI Enrollment

On behalf of the staff and trainers at the Professional Ringmen’s Institute, we commend all PRI Alumni on your many successes since graduation!

As you know, we’ve provided PRI training in many states and for numerous private auction companies and state associations. We’re also very aware of the sacrifices our students make to join us, regardless of where or when we offer our proprietary trainings.

Our training locations and dates policy has always been to secure what we feel is an appropriate location with dates to accommodate those who understand the value of PRI.

All PRI Alumni remember, from one of our many acronyms, that a good Ringman needs to be resourceful. In keeping with that acronym, we’re implementing a new way to eliminate the time spent on the proverbial enrollment ‘fence’. Our professional webmasters have designed a simple but effective form which will allow all interested trainees and returning students to indicate your interest in training at PRI without actually enrolling yet for an upcoming training.

When you complete and submit the form, appropriately named ... “The Ring” ... you’ll be entering The Ring to join all those wanting to train at PRI. The Ring will also include three optional training locations. When we have enough interested trainees in The Ring, indicating your preference of location and dates, everyone in The Ring will be contacted in the order your information was received to confirm your availability.

Thank You for Entering The Ring

Please complete this form in its entirety.
You’ll be contacted in the order you submitted your form.